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February 2012 Newsletter:

  1. Polar Plunge - Make me jump!
  2. Visceral Manipulation
  3. New! Resources page on Web site
  4. Learn more about: Pain
  5. Article: Yoga
  6. Massage research in the news
  7. Scoliosis rehabilitation

1) Polar Plunge - Make me jump!
As you may remember, I am jumping into Lake Monona again this year on Saturday, 18 February with a very large group of my fellow physical therapy (PT) and occupational therapy (OT) students, and our coerced friends and family. The Polar Plunge is a large annual fundraiser for the Special Olympics Wisconsin, a fantastic organization.

I "get" to jump if I raise funds. Please feel free to make a tax-deductible contribution by clicking this link: http://tinyurl.com/bljt49j. Checks and cash donations are also accepted.

If you'd like to come see a large group of cold people try to spell "Wisconsin" and various pairs of "OT" and "PT", we'd love to see you! We'll be jumping from the shores of Olin Turville Park at 11:00am. Contact me for more information, and thank you!

2) Visceral Manipulation
I have been studying hard in PT school, and I've also been studying a hands-on modality on the side - Visceral Manipulation (VM). This is work that I can utilize now as a massage therapist as well as in a physical therapy setting.

What is it? VM is very gentle, brief, hands-on work targeted at organs and other tissues in the abdomen, pelvis and thorax.

Why do it? As with most therapies, there are many reasons we might try VM. If you've ever had pain in these areas, problems with digestion, or even unresolved issues with your neck, back or knee, VM might be indicated.

VM addresses restrictions in or "sleeping" areas of your organs and the tissues that are integrated with them--such as nerves and ligaments--to help relieve tension and to encourage them to move and work better.

I am now practicing VM and will be studying the second level in April. Please contact me for more information!

3) New! Resources page on Web site
Please see the latest addition to my Web site: www.yaharatherapy.com/resources.html! Learn more about health and wellness and access local and regional services. If you have questions about or ideas for the page, please contact me.

4) Learn more about: Pain
When is pain to be respected, when accepted, and how to address it?

I found this article very helpful; I hope you do as well. "The Top 10 Things You Don't Know About Pain." Let's talk about it!

Refer back to my new Resources page for an additional video about pain that is fantastic!

5) Article: Yoga
I highly recommend yoga. Many, including myself, have found it useful to find balance in strength and flexibility, relieve pain, and to feel more well and oriented in the world. Like any physical activity, yoga should be approached with consideration for your particular goals and body in mind.

Please read this recent thought-provoking NY Times article about yoga: How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body.

I'd love to know your thoughts and experiences!

6) Massage research in the news
"Muscle massage may speed healing"
My first thought: "Great! Information to share with those who need hard evidence!"
Next thoughts: "Ouch!" and "Of course!"

7) Scoliosis rehabilitation
Over my semester break I was fortunate to visit two physical therapy clinics to witness and learn from therapists in action: Divine Savior Healthcare in Portage and Scoliosis Rehab, Inc. in Stevens Point.

Scoliosis Rehab is a specialty clinic working with people, many of them adolescent, who have scoliosis. If you or someone you know has scoliosis, this specific and profound therapy may be helpful Goals include reducing pain and delaying or preventing surgery by using exercises, posture education and breathing techniques.

As always, contact me with questions or concerns. Until we meet, again,