Yahara Therapy
Rates and Payments

Susan Frikken measuring range of motion

Effective January 1, 2015

Initial Evaluation - $100/hour (or fraction thereof)
Treatment - $80/hour (of fraction thereof)

  • 30 minutes - $40
  • 45 minutes - $60
  • 60 minutes - $80
  • 75 minutes - $100
  • 90 minutes - $120

Therapy at a site other than a Yahara Therapy office is an additional $80 plus:

  • Sites within 10 miles of the office will incur no mileage fee.
  • Sites more than 10 miles from the office will incur $1/mile after the first 10 miles.

Group Presentations
Please call (608) 692-8794 or email for rates:

Medicare Co-pays and any other fees not covered by insurance are your responsibility.
Insurance other than Medicare* I do not bill insurance, but may issue a receipt to you that you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. An additional $80 will be added to your invoice to cover administrative expenses.

Discounts apply for students, seniors and referrals. Please ask for details!

Discounts apply for those paying by cash or check.